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Same Day Dental Crowns in Berkeley

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We put our teeth to work every day and sometimes they need a little reinforcement. Teeth that are chipped, damaged or decayed might have to be crowned. One of the many benefits in choosing Berkeley Hills Dentistry is that those dental crowns can now be installed in only one visit thanks to the state-of-the-art CEREC technology we use in our office.

What Are Dental Crowns?

For years, dental crowns were made using messy ceramic molds to create metal crowns that would repair chipped, broken or decaying teeth. In the past, a dentist would make an impression of the area, install an ill-fitting temporary crown and, a few weeks later, place a tooth-sized piece of metal — usually gold or silver — inside your mouth.


Today’s dental crowns can be molded, milled and installed all in one visit. And the crowns we make in our office are customized to each individual patient to match the size, shape and color of the natural tooth, all thanks to CEREC.

How Does CEREC Work?

CEREC technology allows us to design, mold and produce dental crowns all in one appointment. The crowns are made of a porcelain composite to look and feel just like a natural tooth. The entire process for a single crown can usually be completed in around an hour.


With CEREC, we have at our disposal both an acquisition and a milling unit. When you come in for a crown, our dentists will prepare the damaged or decaying tooth for a crown. Once the tooth is cleaned and prepped we’ll take a digital impression of the area. That image is fed into the acquisition unit, which lets the dentist manually create a 3D model of your new crown. Next, the model is transferred to the milling unit and, in about 20 minutes, the CEREC carves a new tooth-colored crown, designed to fit the unique shape and size of your tooth. Once it’s checked to ensure the color and fit are a match, the crown is placed that very same day!

Why are CEREC Same Day Dental Crowns Better?

One visit instead of two is a huge time savings for our patients, but that’s not the only benefit of CEREC. Because no set of teeth are the same, no crown the CEREC unit creates is like any other. Here’s why:


  • Using digital imaging, CEREC milled crowns match the shade of your existing teeth perfectly, blending your crowns in seamlessly with the rest of your mouth.
  • CEREC units create crowns that do not damage the tooth tissue or cause decay, problems that are prevalent with traditional, metal crowns.
  • CEREC crowns contour perfectly to your gum line and jawbone, meaning they fit comfortably and restore the same bite you had with your natural teeth.


If you’ve had some tooth decay and are interested in same-day dental crowns, call our Berkeley, CA dental office today at (510) 243-6878.

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