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Dental Implants in Berkeley

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A Great Tooth Replacement Option

All of our teeth are attached to the jawbone with powerful roots, but when a tooth either falls out or needs to be removed, getting artificial “roots” placed such as dental implants might be necessary. These implants serve as the foundation for replacement teeth or bridges that rebuild your toothy grin!

What Are Dental Implants?

Made from titanium, dental implants are strong screws or posts that are driven into the jawbone surgically. Upon those posts replacement teeth (crowns) are attached that are stronger than either dentures or traditional bridges.


Dentures fit around the gums and can easily come loose, and bridges rely on the strength of adjoining teeth. Implants, meanwhile, are the sturdiest option because the titanium doesn’t wear down and the replacement teeth are locked securely into place.


There are several ways in which dental implants are used. They include:

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Dental Implant Patient Stories:

Single Tooth Dental Implant

Missing Tooth Replacement

Replace a single missing tooth with dental implants.

Replace a Missing Tooth

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Implant Supported Bridge

Multiple Tooth Replacement

Use implants to replace multiple missing teeth in the form of an implant support dental bridge.

Replace Multiple Teeth

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Implant Supported Dentures - All on Four


An advanced alternative to dentures. All-on-four dental implants allow you to eat what you want without the embarrassment of dentures.

Full Mouth Rejuvenation

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Single Tooth Replacement

If you have strong bone structure and want the most stable replacement for a missing tooth, an implant can be used to secure a single prosthesis in place. In this scenario, the titanium post is driven into the jawbone and an artificial tooth — custom-fabricated in our office using the CEREC system — is attached.

Multiple Tooth Replacement

If you are missing several teeth, a number of implants can be placed next to each other to prepare for more than one artificial tooth to be placed. This procedure can take the place of a dental bridge, giving you a firmer solution and one less reliant on the health of adjoining teeth.

Full Mouth Rejuvenation

If you’re a candidate for traditional dentures but don’t want to experience the slippage and extra maintenance they require, implant-supported dentures might be best for you. Just like other implants, we begin with a number of titanium roots placed in healthy jawbones with the full-mouth denture then locked into place. If you’re missing several but not all of your teeth, it still might be a better option to having your remaining teeth removed and the entire upper or lower row of teeth replaced by sturdy implant-supported dentures. This option is also commonly known as "All-on-4".

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