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All of our Berkeley Hills Dentistry team members are as friendly as they come, but that doesn’t mean it’s not intimidating for many of our patients to pay us a visit. If you suffer from dental anxiety in Berkeley, keep reading or give us a call at (510) 527-9564 to find out about sedation dentistry.

So, You Have Dental Anxiety

The good news, if you have a dental phobia, is that you’re not alone and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Dentistry is invasive and sometimes painful, and some studies estimate that more than half of Americans fear going to the dentist. For many of those people that anxiety is so extreme that they will do nearly anything to avoid sitting in the dentist’s chair!

Obviously, if your fear is keeping you from visiting the dentist regularly or even at all, you’re putting yourself at tremendous risk for a number of serious oral health problems. But whether your anxiety just makes you a little uneasy or is stopping you from ever coming to see us, safe, easy sedation is something you should consider.

What is Sedation Dentistry

If you come in for sedation dentistry, we will go over your options for sedation and pick the option right for you. Dr. Tapaltsyan is among only a handful Bay Area dentists with an Oral Conscious Sedation Certificate from the California Dental Board with extensive training on the subject.

Once you’re at the chosen level of sedation, your dentist will begin your procedure and you’ll return to full consciousness with the whole thing behind you. Sedation dentistry allows you to experience dental work without seeing, hearing or feeling whatever is happening inside your mouth. At higher levels of sedation, you can even walk out of the office with no memory whatsoever of the procedure.

Another perk of sedation dentistry is that it allows procedures that would normally take several visits, to be performed all at once. Even something that might take hours will only feel like it lasts a matter of minutes when you’re under dental sedation. For a trusted sedation dentist in Berkeley, contact Berkeley Hills Dentistry.

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