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Vaporize enemies of your teeth with a blast from our dental laser! Since we were founded in 1926, we’re always evolving and utilizing the latest in technology to treat our patients. Laser dentistry gives us the most powerful tool around to keep your smile shining.

What is Laser Dentistry?

It might sound like science fiction, but laser light — basically just a concentrated beam of light energy — has been a big part of how we handle all types of medical issues for years. For your mouth, lasers let us treat and clean your teeth and gums with expert precision. It’s incredible for oral and periodontal surgery, where we can control the depth and size of cuts to affect only the areas we’re trying to treat.


Plus, laser dentistry cauterizes any tissue as it cuts. This means there is significantly less bleeding and swelling during surgeries performed with a dental laser, and some cauterization may even eliminate the need for uncomfortable stitches. Quicker healing rates and less pain can be associated with laser dentistry.


When is Laser Dentistry Used?

There is no shortage of ways laser dentistry in Berkeley, CA can benefit you, from discovering signs of trouble early on to treating even the most challenging of dental problems. Here are some of the times our laser technology is put to use:

  • Shining laser light during regular exams to get a bright, clear look at the nooks and crannies of your mouth that are hard to spot. Early detection of plaque buildup is key to maintaining good oral health.
  • Wiping out decay quickly and precisely. Once the laser exposes the decay, we can blast that nasty stuff right off your teeth and gums without the need for anesthesia and the old dental drill.
  • Prepping teeth perfectly for fillings or other devices. We can carve out a space that fits the new crown, bridge or other device perfectly.
  • Fuses dental materials quickly. When bondings are applied, shining a laser light on them solidifies the bonding material to the tooth.
  • Treating gum disease or re-contouring gums without anesthesia and with significantly less post-surgery bleeding.

Why Laser Dentistry?

If getting a healthier mouth quickly and more precisely isn’t enough, a treatment from a Berkeley laser dentist also means you’ll be more comfortable, too. The laser itself is silent, pain is often lessened, the treatments themselves are over in a flash and recovery tends to be quicker than traditional methods.

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