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There may come a day when you need one or more teeth removed to maintain the look or health of your entire mouth. To avoid complications, it’s important to visit a trusted and experienced Berkeley dentist who will take their time to find the source of what caused the issue leading to your tooth extraction. Give our office a call at (510) 527-9564 to talk about the safest, easiest and best ways to extract your tooth.

When is it Time to Remove a Tooth?

Most times, a broken, infected or damaged tooth can be repaired with a dental crown or filling. But when too much tooth decay has set in, including if and when the tooth’s inner pulp is decaying, the best course of treatment may be to pull or extract the tooth. When a decaying tooth is not extracted this can lead to tissue in your gums becoming diseased. Removing the tooth can be the healthy choice, with the extracted tooth replaced by a prosthetic like a bridge or dentures.


Other reasons a tooth may need to be extracted include:

  • An over-crowded mouth is preventing some teeth from fitting in the mouth, or a tooth is impacted
  • Gum disease has affected the tooth’s structure so severely that it needs to be removed
  • Baby teeth that have not yet fallen out need to be removed to make space for permanent teeth
  • Wisdom teeth – or third molars – need to be removed if they are impacted or there is not space in the mouth for them to fit naturally
  • Before some orthodontic treatments, like braces, teeth occasionally need to be extracted to make sure space exists for teeth to settle into place

What to Expect When a Tooth is Removed

Before any tooth extraction, our dentists will take an x-ray of the area to make sure he has a good look at the bone structure, nearby nerves and how the extraction will impact surrounding teeth. If everything looks good, most patients will undergo local anesthesia before the tooth is gently loosened and then removed from the bone with forceps. Because of the anesthesia, you may feel pressure but you shouldn’t feel any pain.


In some cases, like with wisdom teeth, a surgical extraction might be necessary. These procedures involve general anesthesia and the dentist cutting into the gums to fully remove the tooth. Teeth removed surgically may also be sectioned, or cut in pieces, before being taken out of the mouth for easier removal.

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