Dental Resolutions for the New Year

Dental Resolutions for The New Year

Great oral care can help you keep your smile healthy for life. And it isn’t as hard as you think! If you’re looking for some simple ways to improve your dental—and overall—wellness in the coming year, here are some resolution ideas from our Berkeley CA dentist:

Clean Between (Your Teeth) More Frequently

It’s no secret. Hardly anyone loves flossing. But cleaning between your teeth every day is crucial to combatting cavities and gum disease.

Consider getting a water flosser for your shower. That way you’ll remember to use it every time you bathe and it won’t make a mess!

Another thing you can try is buying floss picks and keeping them in your car. Use them once a day while you’re driving around.

Rinse With Water After Meals/Snacks/Drinks

Nothing replaces tooth brushing and flossing, but if you can rinse your mouth out with water right after a meal, you’ll instantly cut down on:

• Food debris
• Bad breath
• Plaque buildup
• Tooth stain
• Acids and enamel erosion

Even if you’re sipping or snacking on something midafternoon, try to go rinse your mouth with tap water afterward. The key is to limit the contact time that food or drinks have with your teeth.

Catch Any Cavities When They’re Small

The earlier you treat cavities, the smaller (and more affordable) your restoration will be. Early intervention preserves the most tooth structure possible. Plan to get your filling quickly, even if your tooth isn’t sensitive.

Drink Through a Straw

Anytime you drink anything other than water, consider using a straw. This habit will allow liquids to skip right past your top front teeth to keep your smile bright. It will also help cut back on cavities in your “smile zone.” Our Berkeley cosmetic dentist recommends using a straw if you’ve recently whitened your teeth or have tooth-colored restorations like bonding and veneers.

Upgrade Your Toothbrush

Investing in a better toothbrush will get your teeth cleaner without any extra effort on your part. High-grade electric brushes with soft bristles are perfect for removing heavy plaque and massaging your gums. Remember to set up an auto-order on replaceable toothbrush heads every 3-4 months. Or order them ahead of time and set change-out dates on your calendar.

Stay Ahead on Checkups

It’s easiest to stay on schedule by booking your checkups and cleanings six months out. If you’re at our dental office for a visit, go ahead and reserve your next preventative care appointment. That way time won’t get away from you or things slip your mind until you’re already a few months behind.

Has it already been six months (or longer) since your last checkup? Call our team today to schedule!

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