Berkeley Family Dentistry: Oral Care in the Home

Oral care at home blog

Lives are busy. And if you are raising children, life has gotten even busier. So much so, you wonder how you thought you never had time before. There are many everyday activities that take place inside the home to ensure our family is healthy and while most are small they add up. One of those activities is daily oral care. Below is a list of everyday habits and every so often habits from Berkeley Hills Dentistry. These can keep you and your family’s mouths healthy and smiles sparkling for years to come without adding much extra effort into your day.

Use the Correct Toothbrush

Make sure the head of the toothbrush comfortably fits around all of the mouth and is easy for the brusher to grip. This isn’t just an issue for toddlers. If someone in the house has arthritis, using a powered toothbrush may be a better option. The next time you and your family visit Berkeley Hills Dentistry, have your dentist show the children how to properly brush their teeth. This makes it more fun for them and easier on you.

Change Your Toothbrush

We know you likely know this but it’s worth mentioning. Change your toothbrush every 3 months or before if the bristles wear out or someone has been sick. If someone in the house has been sick and their toothbrush has rubbed up against other family members, toss them both. A sick house is no fun.

Wait to Brush after Acidic Beverages

Especially in a house full of kids, acidic beverages are more likely to be in your refrigerator. Think sports drinks, fruit juices, soda and wine as the most common drinks consumed that are acidic. So no more, “finish your juice and let’s brush your teeth” before heading out the door in the morning. You’ll want to wait 30-60 minutes before brushing. The reason is we are trying to prevent enamel erosion. Acid softens the tooth enamel and the toothbrush bristles spread the acid and further damage the teeth. By waiting thirty to sixty minutes, our own saliva has a chance to neutralize the acids and re-mineralize our teeth.


This is typically the area that parents feel adds time to their evenings. However, if children start by thinking to floss at night is simply a part of their evening brushing routine (as it should be!) they are likely to form this habit throughout life. Flossing for your kids until they come of age to do it themselves shouldn’t take more than a minute or two. Once they are ready, have our dental office practice with them as this can build excitement. Also, don’t forget to floss yourself!

Family Dentistry

Keep up with your dental appointments in Berkeley every six months and practice the above oral health care in the home to help ensure healthy mouths. In addition, drinking plenty of water and limiting sugary foods for everyone will help not just with oral health but overall health.