What to Ask Your Dentist Before Berkeley Invisalign Treatment

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Suffering for two years with the pain and embarrassment of metal braces is an unfortunate right of passage for most adolescents. If you were lucky enough to avoid braces as a child, you might be facing the consequences now as an adult – crooked teeth and an overcrowded smile that makes you grimace instead of grin.

Fortunately, you may not need to sit in the orthodontist’s chair and receive metal braces at the age of 30 or 40. Invisalign offers a simple, painless, and invisible solution to your smile anxiety. Just make sure you ask your Berkeley Invisalign dentist the following questions before initiating your Invisalign treatment.

What Exactly is Invisalign and What Does the Treatment Entail?

Maybe you’re well versed on Invisalign but if you’re not, ask the question. Fully understand what you are signing up for. One of the many benefits of Invisalign is its versatility to work well with most people’s lifestyle. In addition, it’s able to deliver results with very minimal effort on your part.

Are my Dental Goals Achievable with Invisalign?

Be very clear on what your goals are with your dentist. While it may seem obvious to you, it’s best to state exactly what your desired outcome looks like. Our dentist wants to know this and by being upfront we can consult you on if Invisalign is the best option and set out the appropriate treatment plan to achieve the desired results. This will save you time, money and provide peace of mind knowing you and your dentist are on the same page.

How Long Does Invisalign Take To Straighten Teeth?

This is the answer you’re probably most eager to learn. How many months or years will you need to use Invisalign before your teeth are finally straight and beautiful? The general answer for an average adult is between 12 and 18 months. As an added benefit, Invisalign can straighten your smile in about half the time of standard braces! However, you want to know about yourself personally. After an exam your dentist will be able to give you an estimate and better answer this question for you.

Keep in mind, a few factors influence the length of time Invisalign needs to deliver results. First, some tooth movements are trickier than others and may take extra time to straighten. Second, your compliance matters greatly! Wearing your aligners for 22 hours a day and 7 days a week is crucial to stay on track and have the teeth move into proper alignment. Third, your opinion matters! The right dentist will value your feedback and continue your Invisalign treatment until you’re satisfied with the results.

Start Your Invisalign Treatment Today

You’ve always wanted to smile confidently, and Invisalign can turn your daydreaming into a reality in a short time. The Certified Invisalign Providers at Berkeley Hills Dentistry offer complimentary consultations to help you take control of your smile and straighten your teeth effortlessly. Call to schedule your consultation today!

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